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I find it really hard to believe that we’re already three days into 2011. Where the hell does the time go? It only seems like yesterday that I was coming home from the last day at work before the holidays. The passage of time definitely appears to accelerate proportionately dependent on the amount of time that you have already experienced. It must be just one huge blur to senior citizens.

So… 2011 – and with a new year there is the expectation of New Year’s Resolutions. I used to delight in setting myself targets for the year ahead, but bitter experience has taught me that making resolutions appears to be the easiest way to ensure that they never come to pass. What’s worse is that when those resolutions are not met at the end of the year, there’s a tendency to feel somehow that you’ve let yourself down, no matter how unrealistic those resolutions might have been, or how much you were able to control the circumstances that allowed you to fulfil them anyway. So these days, I tend not to call them resolutions so much as aims or hopes – that way if I once again totally fail to make them happen, it’s not such a karma-sucking experience.

So, what am I looking to do better with this year? Well, there’s the usual desire to try and be a bit healthier. I look back to the tiresomely lengthy kidney stone episode from a few years back and remember how much I missed being my usual healthier self when I was dealing with that, and can’t help thinking that since my recovery I’ve been taking a lot for granted. So this year it’s time to eat a bit less junk, get out and about a bit more regularly and try and treat my body with a bit more respect (i.e. a bit more like the clichéd ‘temple’ than the slum-like shanty town that it currently serves as). On yer bike if you think this means less curry, though – sacrifices can and will be made elsewhere. I’ve already cut down on the booze over the past couple of years (down to a couple of bottles a week now, unless I’m out on a jolly with friends of course), so that’s not really a concern.

Then there’s my return to studying, courtesy of the Open University. Well, as long as the tuition fee controversy doesn’t result in skyrocketing fees, I intend to keep at it. I’ve really enjoyed my current course thus far (nearing the halfway point as I write this), and am looking forward to taking on something else in the same sphere as this course winds down. Ultimately all of these modules will bolt together into something more substantial – probably a BSc. However, I’m not putting any pressure on myself to set a deadline or focus on anything too specific, as I’ve discovered that this is usually a good way to ensure that I lose interest in it all or get fed up with it all. As long as I continue to enjoy it and what I’m learning is potentially useful down the road, then I shall keep plugging away at it and see where I end up with it.

Naturally, there are other less significant things I’d like to address too: I think everyone wants to try and be a bit more responsible with their spending (‘Austerity Britain’ or otherwise), especially after splurging at Christmas, but we’ve already made some agreeable progress on that front. More of that, then – it’s nice to be able to go and do things if we really fancy doing them without planning long and hard for every little thing as we had to a few years back, so more progress on that front would be good. I’d like to read more. I’d like to spend more time listening to music, particularly new music, which doesn’t always get the amount of ear-time that it deserves. It’d be good to spend more time honing the IT/programming-related skills that I’m updating via the OU course(s) I’m doing, which also takes time. And I’d also really like to spend more time with some of the friends I see far less often than I’d like (often due to geography, but there are other factors), and communicate more often with the people who really matter, too. I’m uncomfortably aware that I’ve been pretty useless at answering E-mail over the past few months. I’ve fallen into bad E-mail habits before, so I really should have learnt my lesson by now. So hopefully those of you reading this will find me a bit more communicative this year. Feel free to nag me about it if I’m not… 🙂 This also applies to updates here, too – I’ve frequently promised to blog more regularly, but it rarely seems to happen. Time to do better.

So there we have it. The New Year is here and is rattling along the tracks, careless of how slow we are trying to jump aboard. The holidays are over, we’re back at work tomorrow, and it’s time to carpe the diem. In fact, most of us could probably generalise down our New Year’s Resolutions/hopes/aims to those two simple words: carpe diem. Which reminds me, I really should pick up Dead Poet’s Society on DVD. At well under a fiver these days, there’s really no excuse. And if you haven’t seen it, you should.

And on that note, I’m off to prep my nosebag for tomorrow.

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3 Responses to currentYear ++

  1. Mike Rengel says:

    Oh captain, my captain!

    Great post, Dave, and I concur w/just about everything you said! I wish you best of luck on achieving what you set out to in 2011. I often find that huge goals don’t always pan out, and definitely leave you feeling deflated, but if you can set smaller, incremental ones, it’s easier to stay the course. Oh, and don’t feel too bad — I too can be rather crap at email, Exhibit A being that I still haven’t replied to your last one! But I agree – carpe the diem! “Dead Poets Society” rules.

  2. Paul Thompson says:

    Good luck with the OU stuff! If you need any course materials in advance and I’ve done the courses that you plan to do, let me know and I’ll get them out of the loft!

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