I Like To Move It, Move It

So here I am on WordPress.

It was only a matter of time really, once those really annoying ads started to appear on the LiveJournal site. I can grok that those who run sites such as LiveJournal need a revenue stream, but I think it’s undeniable that as soon as you start waving ads etc in the face of people who are using your site for free, they’re going to start bailing on you. It’s a pity in many ways, as despite the slightly shonky interface, I quite liked the way LiveJournal was put together – but I like the added flexibility of WordPress, and I must admit that their interface is a lot nicer. Plus it would appear that a WordPress blog may well be a whole lot easier to integrate into the Hippy Towers website when it (finally) goes live later this year. We shall see…

So what’s new here? Not much, really… As usual, January is one long, grey stretch of slowly creeping despair. Those of us who do get their December pay cheque early (i.e. before Christmas) may appreciate it at the time, but it really makes January a long, hard slog. This is particularly true when you have a Marillion convention and a bunch of gigs coming up, not to mention a car to put through MOT (and we know it needs work to do so, that’s the joy of it) an incoming electricity bill and Goat knows what else. I’m sure many of you will associate with the deep joy I feel come February & March, where we get the brief respite of two months without paying council tax. Oh well, it’ll all come good in the end.

The diet… er, I mean the healthier eating is going quite well. Steen and I sat down as 2011 dawned and decided it was time to try and eat a little more healthily and stop being such slaves to the takeaway, and whilst the last three weeks have been a bit of a struggle at times (hey, we only succumbed to pizza once, and we only ordered half of what we usually have done), we’re both encouraged by indications (courtesy of our new digital scales) that we’ve lost a few pounds apiece.  Slow but steady wins the race, and all that… although Friday night is still curry night for yours truly. That’s one thing I refuse to give up. What is life without curry? Actually, don’t answer that. I don’t want to think such dark thoughts.

Just handed in my second assignment for my OU course. It’s largely concerned with JavaScript this time, which was an interesting experience. Although thanks to my earlier experience with coding I can usually look at all but the most insane ‘Script and be able to tell you what it does, I’ve never had any particular reason to have a crack at it myself, and it’s been fun. OK, so the JS I’m writing for the course at the moment is pretty damned straightforward, but it’s been so long since I’ve sat down in front of a blank screen and written a program from the ground up that it felt really nice to be back in the saddle. This current course probably won’t touch on any other languages (though it did cover the mechanics of assembler in fond-memory-inducing detail), though at the moment I’m leaning towards taking a Java-intensive course when this course finishes. I’m also still getting to grips with C# thanks to the lovely doorstop of a book that Steen picked up for my birthday last year, though that’s had to take a back seat over the past few weeks as I’ve had to concentrate on the JS lest I start getting my methods mixed up… 🙂

Anyhow, that’s enough for now. It’s Friday, it’ll soon be time to head for home, and curry and beer await, as does a relatively leisurely weekend poring over my OU course books and playing with more JS. All of which will serve as suitable downtime before next weekend, when I’ll finally be paid again and when we have an excellent evening of Norwegian progressive rock in store, with some of the usual mob… 🙂 

Catch you on the flipside…

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2 Responses to I Like To Move It, Move It

  1. Mike R says:

    Hey Dave – I approve of the new wordpress digs! I’ve got your new URL added to my RSS reader.

    • HippyDave says:

      Cheers, Mike! This just feels so much less cluttered and not hamstrung by the old sell-sell-sell. Still getting to grips with all the features and gizmos – I expect more odds and ends will appear in due course… 🙂

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