Grey Skies & Procrastination


Well, I started the weekend with all good intentions. I figured I’d de-cruft the computer corner somewhat, do some household document filing that I’ve neglected for a few weeks, and crack on with my Uni work. Of course, I managed to avoid doing any of that until late this afternoon…

We spent most of Saturday chilling out in front of the Idiot Lantern. Mostly because a sizeable number of recorded programmes and films were waiting to be watched and we didn’t want things to get back to where they were when we got back from our US holiday last year, where the disc was way over half-full and no sooner had we watched something than three other things had been recorded. So we caught up on Brian Pern (must be a Brit-humour thing or entirely too subtle for Steen, who has found it dull thus far. I think it’s great, though the first episode was easily the best so far), The Walking Dead (still pleasingly grim – this last year has probably been my favourite season so far, I hope they can keep it up) and the pilot episode of the very promising True Detective (sort of Twin Peaks meets Se7en meets The Wire), before indulging in Life Of Pi (brilliant – I defy the hardest-hearted misery-guts to not have their heart melted by the end) and Fast and Furious 6 (utter nonsense, of course, total comic-book-as-reality cheese, but nevertheless I have to say it was a lot of fun). Nearly 90% free space on the Sky+ box now, too, so well pleased with that 🙂 .

We also sat and watched the Sunday night show from Marillion‘s Holidays In Zelande DVD box set, which I’d only just picked up in a recent sale on Marillion’s webshop, despite having had the other two nights for ages. This viewing was probably not unrelated to the fact that we’d just heard about the Marillion Weekend dates for 2015, and it brought happy memories of the 2011 Weekend flooding back (albeit bitter-sweet ones for Steen, who spent most of the last 36 hours at Port Zelande that year in a food-poisoning-induced semi-coma). Considering how great the 2013 shows were, we’re very much looking forward to next year’s Weekend. I wonder what album(s) they’ll be playing in full this time out?

And finally, we also watched Anathema‘s excellent Universal Blu-ray, as Steen discovered on Friday that she really liked the band as well, having had a shopping trip pleasurably soundtracked by the marvellous Weather Systems album. “Have you got any more?” she asked, so out came the Universal – which seems to have gone down rather well, as she is now up for going to see them live. Roll on the next album, then, guys – no pressure 😉 .

This morning brought with it the knowledge that we needed to get out there and do some walking. For the first time since the New Year, we both got on the scales today and it was a little disheartening, quite honestly. We’re both still way under our maximum weight of a little over a year ago, but there has been some backsliding over the course of this wetter-than-normal winter, so it’s time to start trying a bit harder to eat more healthily and get some exercise. Of course, the ever-decreasing time until Steen’s Moonwalk in May is another incentive, so we braved the battleship grey skies and gently tornadic winds and went for a 4-mile march through town and back again that left us properly out of breath from fighting against the gales. We timed it to perfection, though: literally as we walked up the path to our front door, it started to rain. It was good to get back indoors and tuck into some baked potatoes coated with chili to warm us up again.

It was only then that I got my Uni books out again, although I made up for my procrastination by ploughing through half a unit (a week’s work, according to the study calendar) in a little over three hours. This current unit (MT264) focuses on Visual Basic (yeah, I know – I didn’t really want to do it either, but my chosen specialisation is in Software Development, of which MT264 is a mandatory part), and it’s an odd one: I’m finding the work straightforward, but there’s a hell of a lot to remember that’s syntactically very different to the other OO languages I’ve used/learnt about so far, so I think my final grade for this module is going to depend more on memory than actual *knowledge*, if you can grok the difference. Ah well: my other module (M256, good ol’ Java – well, “good ‘ol” when compared with Visual Basic, anyway) has just started, so I think I’ll find that a good deal more up my strasse.

And on that note, time to hit the furs 🙂 .

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