Not enough hours in the day…

At least, that’s the excuse I’m using for not blogging here more regularly. It’s been months since I sat down and wrote anything for this page, at least until this week. I’m such a habitual Twitter user these days that if I want to blow off steam about anything, good or bad, I tend to do it over there, and this place has become all about longer, more in-depth entries about various things (usually musical, but hey, that’s me for you).

I’d like to update here a bit more regularly, though. That’s partly because – as wonderful as Twitter is – anything that gets discussed gets lost way down the timeline and can be very difficult to locate again. So as a spur of the moment, shoot from the hip, instant feedback system Twitter is pretty much peerless – but sometimes it’s nice to have something a bit more constant. This is something that I’ve been reminded of when reading my mate Howard’s (brand shiny new) blog (which you can find here), which I’ve really enjoyed reading. Swapping tweets about this and that is all very well, but the very nature of Twitter means that longer, more considered pieces aren’t suited to it, and it’s nice to sit down and read something more than 140 characters now and again. So whilst I’m not going to fall into the trap of faithfully promising to update here more regularly – my days are fuller than they’ve ever been, these days – I will say that I will try to do so. So with a bit of luck, there’ll be more here to read in the New Year :-).

I’m in the throes of posting up my favourite 25 albums of the year in time-honoured fashion – I know most people shoot for 10, but I’m finding it harder and harder to keep the list that short, so I’m indulging myself. Plus running with a top 25 gives me an excuse to post them one a day, advent style, until Christmas arrives ;-). If you should be any chance be interested in what my favourite records were this year, you can find the (still in-progress) countdown here. And if you haven’t already happened across it and want to read my stream of consciousness postings on Twitter, you can find my Twitter page here.

I’ll be posting more here soon, but in the meantime, have a good weekend. And remember, Friday Night Is Curry Night.

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