About HippyDave

Dave Cooper (aka HippyDave) is a Management Information Systems Administrator from the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire. Now 43 years young, he identifies probably a little too closely with the counter-culture of the 1960s, and would like to believe in the essential decency of the human race, even if his experiences during the last four decades have rendered him more of a cynic. His nickname was coined during his time at technical college, where his long hair and fondness for outlandish psychedelic shirts and the words “groovy” and “wow”, and the presence of another guy called David/Dave, led those around him to use a convenient shorthand.

A lifelong fan of music (particularly Pink Floyd; it’s probably quite important that you not underestimate his love for all things Floydian) and computing, he can usually be found attempting to find ways to combine his two great loves. Having spent a great deal of time talking enthusiastically about his favourite bands, he found himself running mailing lists, forums and finally even whole websites devoted to their activities. He’s currently mid-way through a BSc (Hons) in Computing & IT with the Open University in the possibly vain hope that he may someday be able to work from home, where he always seems to accomplish far more than he does sitting at a desk in some random building. Probably because at home he doesn’t have to get up before mid-day.

Other things that Dave is enthusiastic about include: curry, beer, tea, animals, reading, writing, walking, geocaching, strictly amateur astronomy, strictly amateurish photography, films, video games, a decent keyboard (the clickier and more responsive the better) and the contents of the biscuit tin.


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